March for Life 2004

I went to the March for Life in January 2004 with a few brother seminarians. What a blast and a witness to the grace and peace in the hearts of pro-lifers! Many thanks for the seminary, too, for sending us gratis and absolving us from our classes...
Please wait for the 'thumbnails' to load - promise it'll be worth it! To see the full-sized versions, right click each one and pick 'open in a new window' then wait forever. These pictures were taken by several different seminarians and myself.

Some of the art in the National Shrine...

The seminary at the Catholic College put up all kinds of other seminarians from across the country. They pretty much had us in every spare room! Quinn (in red) worked in a senator's office one summer before he joined the seminary

The first thing we heard when we got off the train was a little asian woman behind a deli counter in the food court screaming 'Yummee! Yummee! Yummee!' One way to succeed at capitalism! We went to the Lincoln Memorial and in the lower right, Joel gives a thumbs-down to the Catholics for Free Choice poster. It was somebody else in the city who had tried to tear it out of the case - proving that we're not the only ones to hate it when a wolf dresses in sheep's clothing.

Monuments, Monuments, Monuments!! Lots of buildings also had statues of Saints and priests hanging out. Not only should there be room in the government for religion, but Catholics too?

Scenes from the Vigil mass the night before at the National Shrine of Our Lady. Rotunda of the capitol.

More from the march, a few group pictures. Cardinal George celebrated a mass in one of D.C.'s parishes the morning of the march.

Prayers before the march, and the march itself. We all packed up and headed home, spiritually and emotionaly renewed to pitch in for the fight to help the most defenseless people.